The Role of Insights Association

Prior to merging with MRA to form the Insights Association in 2017, CASRO established CIRQ in 2009 as an independent, non-profit subsidiary offering auditing and certification services to members and other research companies that wish to adopt ISO 20252 or ISO 26362 standards within their business operations.

The Insights Association serves as the U.S. delegate to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee, representing about 25 countries worldwide, that developed process quality standards specifically for market, opinion, and social research. ISO 20252 establishes globally-recognized terms, definitions, and service requirements for project management in research organizations. ISO 26362 provides standards provisions specific to research access panels.

The Insights Association has developed educational and informational services relating to ISO 20252 and ISO 26362 to support research businesses that wish to pursue certification. These services include templates, documents, guidelines, audit preparation tools and training webinars, and other guidance for developing internal corporate quality programs.

The Insights Association provides financial sustenance to CIRQ as needed to maintain stability, financial integrity and ongoing services.

The Insights Association believes that certification to the above mentioned ISO standards may provide tangible benefits to research companies, to the clients of research companies, and to the general public.