Bastion Insights

Statement of Applicability – Effective 28 February 2024
Bastion Insights Pty Ltd (trading as Bastion Insights and formerly known as Bastion Latitude) is a market, opinion and social research operational company based in Melbourne. We provide project management of qualitative, quantitative and online research methodologies for our clients.

Bastion Insights is part of the wider Bastion Collective group, comprising of experiential marketing business Bastion EBA, integrated communications agency Bastion Effect, creative and media agency Banjo, corporate communication and stakeholder management company Bastion RM, China marketing specialist Bastion China, creative content firm Bastion Films and panel and recruitment firm Stable Research.

In accordance with ISO 20252: 2019, Bastion Insights declares the following research services within Annexes B, D, E & F. Bastion Insights elects to exclude Annexes A and Annex C Physical Observation from this attestation.

Annex B Fieldwork – Online Communities (Client supplied), Qualitative observations, IDI’s, Focus groups (online / F2F), Quantitative evaluations and Online surveys.
Excluded: B.5 Telephone data collection/CATI
Annex D Digital Observation – Online Communities general discussions
Annex E Self completion – Quantitative evaluations – online surveys
Annex F Data management and processing – Coding, Data analysis, Data Integrity and File Management.

Original Date: 12 August 2020 (Best Practice Australia)
Latest Issue Date: 28 February 2024
Expiration Date: 27 February 2027

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