Statement of Applicability – Effective 27 November  2023
Cint is a global market research technology company, focused on providing SaaS-based (Software as a Service) solutions for management and access to online market research panels and sample for buyers and sellers of online market research sample. Cint’s technology is used for online panel, sample and project management, audience management and monetization.

This certification covers online panel and sample management carried out by Cint project managers in Australia.
Details of Cint’s attested annexes are described as follows:

Cint has elected to exclude: Annex B – Fieldwork, Annex C – Physical observation, Annex D – Digital observation from the attestation, and Annex F – Data management and processing. Cint does not provide services applicable to these Annexes.

Annex A – Sampling including access panels: Cint provides access to non-probability panels/other sources for online market research samples.
Excluded: Clause A.3 – Probability samples are not offered

Annex E – Self-completion:
Online market research samples are used for data collection for self-completion methodologies where participants complete and return questionnaires to clients of Cint. Excluded: Clauses E.2 b)-f); E.3 b)-j) – Cint only provides online market research samples for online questionnaires

Certificate Number: 1004
Original Issue Date: 21 December 2011
Latest Issue Date: 23 November 2023
Expiration Date: 8 October 2026

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