Statement of Applicability – Effective 2 June 2020

CRNRSTONE (formerly Bastion Stable Research Pty Ltd trading as Stable Research) is a market, opinion and social research company providing qualitative recruitment services, data collection services and research operational support to the Australian Research Industry and its affiliated client base both locally and internationally.

The Confirmit Platform is the primary technology used to deliver our services. This platform provides a framework to host our CRNRSTONE Soapbox consumer and business respondent panel.  It also provides recruitment software and data collection capabilities.  All Confirmit services provided to CRNRSTONE are hosted only in Australia.

We deliver our services in Australia.

In accordance with ISO 20252: 2019, CRNRSTONE declares the following research services are included in our portfolio of ISO 20252:2019 certified services as listed.  CRNRSTONE has elected to exclude  Annex C – Physical observation, Annex D – Digital Observation, and Annex F – Data management and processing from its attested services as indicated below.

Annex A – Sampling including access panels: Access Panel for Online Sampling and Recruitment.
Note: Exclusions for clauses A4.4, A4.5, A4.6, A4.8; No sample blending or automation is undertaken.
Annex B – Fieldwork: Qualitative recruitment from online panels including validation of the process
Note: Exclusions for clauses B.2, B.3, B.5, B 6.4, B 6.5, B.7, B.8; No data collection via fieldwork or moderation is undertaken.
Annex E – Self-completion: Information collected via screeners and for panel member profiles

Certificate Number: 1070
Original Issue Date: November 2, 2014 (BSI ISO 20252)
Latest Issue Date: 16 June 2022
Expiration Date: 2 June 2023

The CIRQ certification mark is the property of the Insights Association and is subject to the restrictions and requirements established in the Terms of Use for the CIRQ Certification Mark as referenced in the CIRQ Quality Manual.