JWS Research

Statement of Applicability – Effective 10 November 2021

The certification of JWS Research Pty Ltd to ISO 20252:2019 covers its role as a full-service market research firm providing research design, implementation and reporting including strategic consultation and campaign management.

Qualitative and quantitative methodologies are used employing CATI, online and IVR data capture. JWS Research is situated in Melbourne and Sydney and conduct research and analysis for clients in all Australian states and territories. JWS Research headquarters is in Melbourne.

JWS Research attests to Annexes A, B, E and F, and chooses to exclude Annexes C Physical Observation and Annex D Digital Observation as these services are not provided by the company.

Annex A Sampling
Sampling falls within the responsibility of the JWS Research data management team. Various sampling methods are adopted according to client needs. These span from random sampling to using purchased or client provided lists. Online panels are also accessed for recruitment yet are subcontracted to internally approved and AS ISO-20252 accredited companies.

Annex B Fieldwork
Fieldwork, both of a quantitative and qualitative nature, is commissioned by clients and managed by JWS Research, yet is in the main outsourced to approved and accredited suppliers. These services include CATI, online scripting and hosting, as well as recruitment for both quantitative and qualitative requirements. Focus group discussions (face-to-face and/or online), along with in-depth interviews, are managed and conducted by JWS Research staff.

Annex E Self completion
Self-completion data sourced from voice and visual activated cyber prompts. This involves the release and management of online surveys which are completed within a respondent’s allocated time. While online research projects are managed by JWS Research, these are scripted and hosted by internally approved and AS ISO-20252 accredited companies.

Annex F Data management and processing
Data is managed and processed within JWS Research’s data management team.

Certificate Number: 1016
Original Issue Date: October 20, 2011
Latest Issue Date: 22 February 2022
Expiration Date: 20 October 2024

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