M3 Global Research

M3 Global Research — ISO 20252:2019

Statement of Applicability  
Effective 10 April 2024
M3 USA, Inc., including M3 Global Research, QQFS, m360 Research, Ekas and All Global (‘M3’) is a market, opinion, and social research organization which operates panels of healthcare providers in the US, UK, Asia, Europe and Australia and provides market research recruitment and support services available to the industry reaching respondents in more than 70 countries worldwide.

The panels operated by M3 Global Research, QQFS and Ekas are branded “M3 Global Research”. The panel operated by m360 Research is branded “m-panels” and the panel operated by All Global is called “All Global Circle”.  M3 provides data collection and project management capabilities that cover the spectrum of quantitative and qualitative techniques utilized today. M3 services incorporate all advanced statistical and attitudinal methodologies allowing clients to provide world-class offerings and support services to their end-client customers throughout multiple industry sectors. Beyond healthcare providers, M3 Global Research creates and maintains relationships and panels of patients, caregivers, and general consumers.

M3 has elected to include sampling including access panels, fieldwork, self-completion and data management and processing to be attested to this document in accordance with Annexes A, B, E and F. Details of M3 attested annexes are described as follows:

Annex A – Sampling including access panels 
M3 owns and manages a non-probability access panel comprised of members who have consented to be members for the purpose of participating in market research data collection activities.

Annex B – Fieldwork 
M3 offers data collection services using fieldwork methodologies. Fieldwork methodologies include face to face interviews, telephone interviews, screening of research participants over the phone and qualitative research methodologies that do not consist of the respondent self-completing a questionnaire.

Annex E – Self-completion
M3 offers clients data collection services using self-completion methodologies including online questionnaire, diary studies, online pre-test interviews as well as online follow-up interviews.

Annex F – Data management and processing
M3 provides data management and processing services. The services provided are project-specific and encompass coding, and provision of data tables. For provision of these services, M3 partner with specialized agencies. Data tables are created by M3’s vetted partners using primarily Quantum and to a lesser extent MERLIN. For internal checking of data and of data tables, M3 use Microsoft Excel and IBM SPSS Statistics.

M3 has elected to exclude Annex C – Physical observation and Annex D – Digital observation from the attestation.

Certificate Number: 1002
Original Issue Date: February 1, 2011
Latest Issue Date: 17 May  2024
Expiration Date: 29 April 2026

M3 Global Research — ISO 27001

The scope for the M3GR group of businesses (trading as M3 Global Research in the US and UK, QQFS in Sweden, M360 Research in India, and Ekas in Australia) includes the internal and externally facing websites and systems developed by the group, the data held by the group, and the policies and procedures needed to support their confidentiality, integrity, and availability for use by appropriately authorized users.

Date and version of Statement of Applicability: This is in accordance with the Statement of Applicability (SOA) Document: V 2.3 13 June 2023.

Certificate Number: 3027-1002102510
Original Issue Date: 20 June 2016
Latest Issue Date: 27 November 2023
Expiration Date: 18 July 2025

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