Mongolian Marketing Consulting Group (MMCG)

Statement of Applicability
Effective 6 September 2022
The Mongolian Marketing Consulting Group is a market, opinion, and social research company and operates a Research Process Management System in compliance with ISO 20252:2019. MMCG research services to domestic and foreign business companies and non-government organizations, international research companies, international development organizations and government organizations throughout Mongolia and other regions including China, Russia, Central and South East Asian countries.

MMCG has elected to include Sampling including access panels*, Fieldwork, Physical observation, Self-completion and Data management and processing to be attested to the ISO 20252:2019 in accordance with Annexes A, B, C, E and F.

MMCG has elected to exclude the Digital observation (Annex D) from the attestation.

Annex A – Sampling including access panels: MMCG Company offers data sampling services for probability and non-probability samples. *Research with access panels not currently conducted.
Annex B – Fieldwork: Data is collected through methodologies including PAPI, CAPI, CATI for quantitative research, and FGDs, IDIs, and KIIs for qualitative research.
Annex C – Physical observation: MMCG offers physical observation data collection methodologies including mystery shopping, shopping behavior and observations for social and other research assignments.
Annex E – Self-completion: MMCG Company offers data collection methodologies including online questionnaires, diary projects, touch tone data entry, and postal surveys.
Annex F – Data management and processing: MMCG Company offers data management and processing services using scientific, professional and internationally recognized methodologies, software and procedures.

Certificate Number: 1096
Original Date: 1 August 2019
Latest Issue Date: 6 September 2022
Expiration Date: 6 September 2025

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