Reason Research

Statement of Applicability
Effective November 11, 2022

Located in Philadelphia, PA, Reason Research provides full-service market research services to pharmaceutical, biotech & medical device clients. Our expertise spans custom quantitative & qualitative methodologies, in the US and globally, with physicians & other healthcare providers as well as patients & consumers.

Reason Research has elected to include sampling including access panels, fieldwork, self completion, and data management and processing to be attested to ISO 20252: 2019 – Market, Opinion and Social Research, Including Insights and Data Analytics – Vocabulary and Service Requirements in accordance with Annexes A, B, E, and F.

Annex A — Sampling Including Access Panels
Reason Research provides subcontracted sampling services, primarily through non-probability samples sourced from access panels and client databases.
Annex B — Fieldwork
Reason Research provides in-house and subcontracted data collection via fieldwork methodologies, primarily through face-to-face and telephone interviewers performing qualitative research.
Annex E — Self completion
Reason Research provides subcontracted data collection via self-completion methodologies, primarily through research projects where participants complete and return questionnaires online.
Annex F — Data management and processing
Reason Research provides data management and processing services, primarily through data cleaning, coding, editing, weighting, file preparation, tabulation, and other aspects of data management and processing. Q Research Software and SPSS are used for data cleaning, editing, weighting, file preparation, and tabulation. Latent Gold and Sawtooth Software are used for advanced analyses. Ascribe Coder is used for coding open ended responses. ATLAS.ti is used for coding interview transcripts.

Reason Research has elected to exclude Annex C Physical observation and Annex D Digital observation from the attestation.

Certificate Number: 1054
Original Issue Date: December 20, 2016
Latest Issue Date: December 20, 2022
Expiration Date: December 20, 2025

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