Russell Marketing Research, Inc.

Statement of Applicability – Effective 4 December 2023
Russell Marketing Research, Inc., located in East Rutherford, N.J., and with an office in Virginia is a full-service market, opinion, and social research organization that provides a full range of quantitative and qualitative research services in the United States and internationally. Our quantitative services include online, in-person, mail, and telephone research. Our qualitative services include focus groups, in-depth interviews, and online bulletin boards. Our client base includes private enterprise and local, state and federal government agencies. Focus Crossroads, a division of Russell Marketing Research, has a phone center which makes calls across North America and a focus group facility at the East Rutherford, N.J. location.

Russell Marketing Research has elected to include sampling including access panels, fieldwork, self-completion, and data management and processing to be attested to this document in accordance with ISO 20252:2019 Annexes A, B, E, and F as follows:

Annex A: Sampling including access panels: Russell Marketing Research provides sampling services to our clients through subcontracted services. In addition, Russell Research creates and maintains access panels for clients who request this service.

Annex B: Fieldwork: Russell Marketing Research provides fieldwork services both directly and subcontracted. Russell Research provides telephone interview and recruiting, qualitative moderation.

Annex E: Self completion: Russell Marketing Research provides research services through self-completion methodologies such as: online questionnaires, diary projects, and postal research.

Annex F: Data management and processing: Russell Marketing Research provides services for data entry, cleaning, coding, editing, weighting, file preparation, and tabulation.
Exclusions: F.2.1 and F.2.2.

Russell Marketing Research has elected to exclude Annex C Physical observation and Annex D Digital observation from the attestation.

Certificate Number: 1035
Original Issue Date: November 21, 2014
Latest Issue Date: December 4, 2023
Expiration Date: December 4, 2026

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