ISO 20252

The global insights standard for Insights and Data Analytics Providers

ISO 20252[1] was substantially revised in 2019 to reflect new data practices including data management security that aligns with GDPR, removal of duplicative access panel requirements from ISO 26362[2] and adds new requirements covering digital analytics and web analyses found in ISO 19731. The expanded and modernized ISO 20252 provides operational frameworks that help ensure consistent levels of quality across offices, project teams and suppliers.

Insights and data analytics providers that align their research process to ISO 20252 will experience fewer errors and unnecessary duplication, improved quality levels, enhanced repeatability and productivity, and easier progress measurement.

For human resources operations, the onboarding and training of new employees becomes more effective with this quality framework as a guide.

The ISO framework sets parameters to ensure consistent supplier process and quality control measures – a huge plus for companies that require outside data collection and programming.

All these updates ultimately result in lower operational costs.

ISO 20252:2019 is now the insights standard recognized around the world.

Securing certification through CIRQ, a subsidiary of the Insights Association, shows your organization’s commitment to the most up-to-date research practices and technologies through ongoing compliance and annual external audits, your commitment to excellence and can give your company a keen edge in the competitive research landscape.

Organizations in the market insights space often have well-defined processes, so the path to certification adds a level of increased compliance to the quality research management system – and the formal audit and attainment of certification lets your customers know that adherence to the global market research and insights standard is a priority that you practice every day, for every client, for every project.

The steps to certification to this ISO standard are not overly complicated, and CIRQ services can accommodate virtually any timeline, with the understanding that external client demands or contractual obligations often drive the decision to certify. Let us help you take your organization to that next, market differentiating level by contacting CIRQ today.

[1] Market, opinion and social research, including insights and data analytics

[2] Market research in access panels


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CIRQ’s ISO 20252:2019 program is accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board to ISO 17065:2012, the ISO standard for certification bodies that provide auditing and certification services.