Myths and Facts

How many of these misconceptions have you heard about ISO 20252:2019? Run your curser over any of the myths below to learn the truth.

Myth No. 1

ISO is rigid


ISO defines best practices, but not how your org has to satisfy them. The market research standard is surprisingly flexible!

Myth No. 2

ISO is one-size-fits all


Your ISO certification requirements are customized to your business, for your benefit.

Myth No. 3

ISO is time-consuming


The certification process is proven efficient, designed to help you complete the requirements as quickly as possible.

Myth No. 4

ISO is too expensive


ISO’s cost is scalable! Plus, you’re likely already doing 80% of what’s needed. Only way to find out is to ask.

Myth No. 5

ISO is a standard I’ll never need


RFPs are easier. Training is easier. Compliance is easier. And if a cataclysm forces you to pivot, you’ll be ready.

Myth No. 6

ISO is only for panels


In 2019, the market research standard was revised and expanded to encompass the entire project lifecycle.

Myth No. 7

ISO is for big companies


Not only is ISO for orgs of every size, certification is easier to achieve the smaller you are. So get started early!

Myth No. 8

ISO is redundant


Only ISO is a third-party validation of your best practices. It’s not duplicative to Codes of Ethics; it’s complementary.